Canadian Immigration Practice Area

  1. Express Entry- FSW, CEC, FST

  2. PNP

  3. Tourist visas, ETA, super visa and visa overstays, extension of stay in Canada and port of entry refusals.

  4. Business investor, entrepreneurship, self employed, farmers, athletes, start up visa

  5. Family Sponsorships- Spouse, Parents, Brothers/sisters, Adoptions, orphans.

  6. Refugee cases-Inside or outside Canada.

  7. Appeals- Sponsorship appeals, residency obligation for PR, removal order appeals.

  8. Deportation cases- PRRA, Inadmissibility hearings, ADR

    1. Security

    2. Human or international violations

    3. Health grounds

    4. Financial reasons

    5. Misrepresentation

    6. IRPA non compliance

    7. Inadmissible family member

  9. Work permit- LMIA, Open work permit, Nanny, live in caregiver, dependants of students and TFWś, PNP nominees, IEC, NAFTA and 4 year cap problems.

  10. Restoration of status, extension, TRP, super visa, study permits.

  11. Citizenship application, cancellation, appeal.


Amarjot Singh has worked in the field of Canadian immigration law for more than seven years. He focuses on complex and appellate issues of immigration law on behalf of individual/employer clients as well as other consultant/attorneys, and has extensive experience in case law research, analysis and writing. He also helps self employed professionals immigrate to Canada.As an immigrant himself, Amarjot understands his clients’ needs for clarity in understanding the law; therefore, he provides accurate, honest and quality representation which emphasizes mistake avoidance and "know before you leap" attitude.


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