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Posted by Amarjot Singh on Thursday, June 1, 2017

What do I do exactly ?

How can you refuse my visa application to Canada ? Many applicants wonder if they can ask this to the Visa Officer.

I find answers to these and similar complex questions because I research Immigration law for a living. I am your friend in immigration law. Everybody is born to do a certain thing in life. My calling in life is solving immigration problems. I will solve Canadian Immigration problems if it can be solved.

Offering immigration law advice for a fee, in Canada, is a profession regulated by the Govt. An authorized immigration representative, must be a member of ICCRC or a law society (of Canadian province or territory). Based upon my membership in ICCRC, I am authorized to practice Immigration law.

Immigration applications are based upon ever changing law and procedures. Mistakes are fatal and irreversible. If you are contemplating a new application or facing a refusal you will benefit by my in depth researched analysis into your situation.

If your eligibility is clear and uncomplicated you do not have to hire somebody, including me, to either prepare your application or represent you to CIC. You possibly can do the application on your own. With a little guidance and coaching from me if needed, you can save yourself money. I can still represent you if you want me to, but it won't be necessary.

What immigration/visa categories interest me the most ?

  1. Refusals of all applications and their appeal. Take a look at this sample refusal case based upon incomplete applications.

  2. Permanent residence visa for professionals like licensed physicians, medical specialists, athletes, artists, entrepreneurs and investors.

  3. Sponsorship of permanent immigration through Canadian spouse, common law or conjugal partner.

  4. Deportees from Canada looking to qualify to re-enter. Inadmissibility issues for people blocked to come to Canada.

  5. Appeals and Refusal reviews of your previous applications.

  6. Refugees fleeing persecution and seeking residence in Canada.

The miracle of Consultation

It will save you money in the long run.

Do you have any questions or problems in Canadian immigration law ? Consult me. For $220 you will get time tested and final advice in your immigration situation which will put you and not somebody else in control of your immigration future. If you are contemplating a new or you have an existing application which is not turning out the way you wanted, let me take a look. One single consultation will change your life. Review some client testimonials from Linkedin.

Why do I charge a consultation fee ?

Some people wonder why do I charge a fee just to talk and discuss the law. If you are wondering too I want you to click on this document.


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Do you have any questions or problems in Canadian immigration law ? Consult me. Just for $220

Refused tourist visa for 5 times ?

Can you still hope to get the visa after being refused 5 times ? Read this case. It is not the job of the visa officer to point out your mistakes or application deficiency ! Interested in a judicial review of the refused application ? Who doesn't need a study permit ? Factors to evaluate your SP. What is Bonafides ?

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